Sunday, January 4, 2015

XLT+: Joint Service Aviation Training in 2015

TU-142 Bear F long-range ASW aircraft departing Kamennyy Ruchey Airbase
[credit: Roman URRT]

                                                          [Translation of TASS news article]

January 4, 2015

In 2015 Russian Naval Aviation will focus its efforts on training crews to perform missions as part of combined groupings and task groups, TASS learned from Igor Dygalo, Navy representative to the Russian Ministry of Defense Press Service Office.

"The main goal of the combat training of Naval Aviation forces in 2015 will be to achieve a higher level of training of aviation units and sub-units to perform their intended missions. Naval aviators will perform these missions both independently and as part of combined (joint service) groupings and task groups," Dygalo quoted Naval aviation chief Igor Kozhin.

According to Dygalo, the main efforts will be focused on crew training and on improving the qualification levels of flight, engineering and technical, and civilian personnel.

Dygalo also reported that Naval Aviation completed more than 100% of the practical training plan in 2014. "As a result of intensifying combat training, naval pilots completed more than 11,000 combat training drills," he concluded.

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How will this joint training manifest itself?

  • combined Navy and Air Force fighter and fighter-bomber drills
  • use of Navy fighters to escort strategic bombers
  • aerial refueling of Navy TU-142 Bear F ASW aircraft by Air Force IL-78 Midas air tankers
  • other similar training events

As these are drills that have been practiced to varying degrees in the past, Dygalo's statement could merely suggest a higher frequency of joint training and possibly with larger numbers of participants. Joint service aviation training probably will be highlighted in this year's operational strategic exercise.