Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yantar Baltic Shipyard Orders Equipment for Second Gren Landing Ship

Gren LST "Ivan Gren" - May 23, 2012
(Image courtesy of TASS)

Yantar Baltic Shipyard in Kaliningrad has begun ordering parts for Project 11711 (Factory #01302) - the second Gren-class landing ship (as yet unnamed). According to an October 9 Request for Proposals, the shipyard is seeking to purchase the following:

DMU-20-10 metering device (x14)
1FShch 20/10-0.15 filter (x1)
1FShch 65/6-0.25 filter (x4)
2FMT 50/6-1-1 filter (x6)
FMT 80/6-1-1 filter (x1)
FMT 100/6-1-1 filter (x2)
PTsZ-3-0.63-KRD-2 (VNTA.061611.009-02) pressure tank (x1)
PTsZ-Pp-1,0-KRD-2 (VNTA.061611.005-01) pressure tank (x1)
SPRU-300-8 chemical mixer (x1)

The contract for this equipment is worth RUB 10,573,890 and must be fulfilled by the third quarter of 2015.

Today, the general director of Neva Draft Design Bureau, Sergey Vlasov, confirmed that a decision has been made to complete construction of a second Gren-class landing ship, which was laid down in 2004. The ship will be built using the design for the first unit, "Ivan Gren", but with a few modifications based on lessons learned during construction of the lead ship. Vlasov stated that "a number of imported equipment will be replaced with domestic versions."

The design bureau is also working on a new landing ship design. "On our own initiative we are now preparing materials to brief the Navy Commander-in-Chief," Vlasov said. "After that, everything will depend on the Navy's decision."