Saturday, December 20, 2014

Analysis of MOD's New-Construction Numbers for RF Navy in 2014

Dolgorukiy nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine
[credit: Rubin Central Design Bureau of Naval Technology]
At this week's expanded MOD collegium meeting, deputy defense minister Yuriy Borisov stated that "6 combat ships and cutters, 1 submarine... 21 auxiliary ships and vessels" were delivered to the Russian military. Those numbers appear to be somewhat correct; however, the official report published by the MOD on its website states that 2 submarines and "5 surface ships and 10 combat cutters of various classes" were delivered to the military in 2014.

Here is what I see (as of December 19) for new-construction ships, vessels, and submarines:

"6 combatant ships and cutters" (Borisov) | "5 surface ships and 10 combat cutters of various classes" (MOD report)
  • [x2] Dyugon amphibious landing craft ["Denis Davydov", "Ivan Kartsov"]
  • [x1] Serna amphibious landing craft ["D-199"]
  • [x1] Steregushchiy I frigate ["Stoykiy"]
  • [x2] Sviyazhsk patrol combatants ["Uglich", "Velikiy Ustyug"]

"one submarine" (Borisov) | "two submarines" (MOD report)
  • [x1] Dolgorukiy nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine ["Vladimir Monomakh"]
  • [x1] Kilo diesel submarine ["Novorossiysk"]
  • There is still hope that Kilo diesel submarine "Rostov-na-Donu" could be delivered by the end of December

"21 auxiliary ships and vessels" (Borisov)
  • [x1] Baklan hydrographic survey vessel ["BGK-2152"]
  • [x3] Grachonok harbor protection craft ["P-355", "P-377", "P-417"]
  • [x2] PE-65 sea-going tug ["MB-134", "MB-135"]
  • [x1] Mod-Shelon VIP personnel launch ["KSV-2155"]
  • [x2] Stridsbat 90 combat personnel launches
  • [x3] SKPO-1000 harbor tanker ["Pecha", "Umba", "VTN-73"]
  • [x3] Project 16609 harbor tug ["Belukha", "RB-406", "RB-407"]
  • [x1] Project 22870 salvage and rescue tug ["SB-45"]
  • [x3] Project 23370 multi-function harbor craft ["SMK-2093", "SMK-2094", "SMK-2100"]
  • [x2] Project 90600 harbor tugs ["RB-412", "RB-413"]

Not included in either report were the following less-sexy items:

  • [x2] Project 02690 floating cranes ["SPK-19150", "SPK-42150"]
  • [x6] Project 23040 harbor diver support vessel ["RVK-933", "RVK-946", "RVK-1045", "RVK-1064", "RVK-1102", one other]
  • [x6] Project 436BIS target vessels
  • [x11] Project 455 target vessels

Borisov then stated that "Aleksandr Nevskiy" and "Yuriy Dolgorukiy" each launched a single "Bulava" (SS-N-32) missile this year as part of their combat certifications. True, but there was a third launch by "Vladmir Monomakh" that was conducted as part of state trials - would it have hurt to mention that launch?