Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Transshelf" Departs Russia with Nuke Boats

Locations of "Hai Yang Shi You 278" (pink) and "Transshelf" (green) on August 30
The Dockwise semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel "Transshelf" departed Avachinskaya Guba (Russia) today after having onloaded two Russian Navy Pacific Fleet Akula I-class nuclear-powered submarines last week. At 1200 GMT today, it was located about 8nm southeast of Mys Mayachnyy. "Transshelf" is now expected to transit the Arctic Northern Sea Route and arrive in the White Sea in approximately two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Dockwise semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel "Hai Yang Shi You 278", with an Oscar II-class nuclear-powered missile submarine on board, remains anchored in Avachinskaya Guba.

For previous reporting, see my August 14 and August 28 blog entries.