Sunday, April 24, 2016

Follow-Up 2: Drafting Commercial Ships into the Russian Navy

"Kazan-60" heading southbound through Turkish Straits - March 9, 2016
(credit: Yörük Işık)

The current status of known transport vessels ferrying between Russia and Syria:

  • "Dvinitsa-50" -- operational
  • "Kazan-60" -- non-operational; to undergo repairs - possibly until this fall - following a machinery room fire in late March
  • "Kyzyl-60" -- non-operational
  • "Vologda-50" -- operational
  • "Aleksandr Tkachenko" -- non-operational; after conducting roundtrip missions in February and March, vessel pulled into Feodosiya in mid-March where it probably remains today
  • "Yauza" -- returning to Murmansk

Track of "Yauza" as it heads back to Murmansk (March 30-April 23, 2016)
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