Saturday, April 2, 2016

Russian Navy Activity Summary, February 2016

Landing ship "Ivan Gren" undergoing initial deperm - February 2016

Date Event
Feb 2 Submarine “Vladikavkaz” returned to Polyarnyy after "long-distance" mission
Feb 2 New deep-submergence submarine rescue vehicle "AS-40" temporarily embarked on submarine rescue ship "Alagez"; will transfer to "Igor Belousov" after it transfers to Pacific Fleet
Feb 4 New-construction landing ship “Ivan Gren” commenced initial deperming near Yantar Baltic Shipyard
Feb 6 Frigate "Admiral Essen" began first phase of state acceptance testing
Feb 8 Surprise combat readiness inspection began in Southern Military District (augmented by elements of the Central Military District); inspection ended on Feb 12
Feb 10 Frigate "Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Gorshkov" completed 15-day dock repair period at Shipyard 35 in Murmansk
Feb 11 Frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" returned to Yantar Baltic Shipyard for spruce work before scheduled commissioning ceremony on March 11
Feb 13 Kalibr-armed patrol combatant "Zelenyy Dol" and minesweeper "Kovrovets" departed Sevastopol en route to the   Mediterranean Sea; "Zelenyy Dol" arrived in Tartus, Syria, on Feb 17
Feb 18 Third Project 22160 patrol ship "Pavel Derzhavin" laid down at Gorkiy Zelenodolsk Shipyard
Feb 19 Project 19910 hydrographic survey vessel “Admiral Rogotskiy” laid down at October Revolution Shipyard (Blagoveshchensk)
Feb 21 Intelligence collection ship "Priazovye" noted heading southbound through Turkish Straits
Feb 24 Flight ban and route closures went into effect for "Russian Navy exercises" in the eastern Mediterranean Sea; valid through Feb 29
Feb 24 Oceanographic research vessel "Admiral Vladimirskiy" completed Antarctica survey and began transit to Cape Town, South Africa
Feb 29 Floating workshop "PM-138" joined Russian Navy task group in the Mediterranean Sea; to relieve "PM-56"