Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Update: Yantar Baltic Shipyard Orders Equipment for Second Gren Landing Ship

This is a follow-up to my October 14 blog entry regarding the decision to restart construction of a second Gren-class landing ship for the Russian Navy.

According to contract documents, the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense and Yantar Baltic Shipyard (Kaliningrad) both signed state contract #Z/1/1/0488/GK-14-DGOZ on September 1 of this year for the construction of a second Gren unit (Factory #01302). Since then, at least four Requests for Proposals were released by Yantar Baltic Shipyard. In addition to the October 9 RFP I mentioned in my earlier blog entry, the following RFPs have been published:

  • Delivery of ADG-1000NK diesel generator | Delivery: August 2016 | Cost: RUB 278,246,892
  • Delivery of various shafts | Delivery: July 2015 | Cost: RUB 25,942,000
  • Installation of sea water desalination plant | Delivery: July 2015 | Cost: RUB 16,623,075
  • Delivery of DRRA.3700 reverse reduction gear unit | Delivery: April 2016 | Cost: RUB 358,247,126

Additionally, on November 14, Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev signed Decree #2263-r that provides state credit guarantees for defense industry companies, including Yantar Baltic Shipyard. According to the decree, Yantar Baltic Shipyard will receive a RUB 2,000,000,000 state-backed credit line from SberBank for the period of September 1, 2014 - December 31, 2018.

The lead unit of the class, "Ivan Gren", was laid down in December 2004 and launched in May 2012. After two and a half years in the water, the landing ship has yet to begin sea trials. Sea trials are where the builders and designers learn what does and doesn't work, so that corrections to the ship's design can be made (preferably) before the next unit is launched. So, why now? Has the France-Russia Mistral drama forced the Russian military to restart construction a second ship of an unproven design?