Friday, November 14, 2014

XLT: Black Sea Fleet Helicopters Get New Sonobuoys

Black Sea Fleet KA-27PL Helix A antisubmarine warfare helicopter - July 27, 2014

                                             [Translation of RIA Novosti news article]

November 14, 2014

Black Sea Fleet antisubmarine warfare aircraft have received new sonar equipment for tracking submarines, according to Captain 1st Rank Vyacheslav Trukhachev, head of the Black Sea Fleet’s public affairs office.

“A new modification of sonar equipment for submarine searches has entered service with Black Sea Fleet’s antisubmarine warfare aircraft. One helicopter has been re-equipped with the new submarine search equipment and will be ready to perform at-sea combat duty in the near future,” Trukhachev said.

Crews of Kacha-based KA-27PL helicopters have already begun testing the new modification of the most modern sonobuoys (RGB-16K) and are learning how to ensure reliable and continuous operation of the sonobuoy after it is launched from the helicopter and it enters the water.

The RGB-16K is designed to convert acoustic noises and signals of the marine environment into electrical signals and then to pass them over radio channels to an aircraft’s sonar device [processor]. The sonobuoy also can be interrogated by the aircraft’s radar to provide distance-measuring. It is equipped with new electronics that allow it to function effectively in the marine environment. Compared to its predecessors, it is smaller in size and has increased sensitivity which allows for increased target detection.