Friday, December 5, 2014

Third Russian-Built Kilo Submarine to Begin Journey to Vietnam Next Week

Track of "Rolldock Star" - December 4, 2014
Final preparations are underway for the transfer of the third Kilo-class diesel submarine, named "Haiphong", from Russia to Vietnam.

"Haiphong" conducted three phases of underway training for the submarine's future crew in July, August and September. The submarine then conducted two brief underway periods on October 29-November 2 and November 5-10. Over the past month, Admiralty Shipyards completed some final cosmetic touch-ups on the boat in preparation for the official hand-over.

In October, shipyard officials stated that "Haiphong" would depart for Vietnam before December 10. And it looks like that may be close to the truth.

The heavy-lift ship "Rolldock Star" (IMO: 9656498) departed Antwerp, Belgium, at 14:00 GMT today en route to St. Petersburg, where it is expected to arrive at 15:00 GMT on December 8. "Rolldock Star" was used to ferry the second Vietnamese Kilo ("Ho Chi Minh City") from Russia to Vietnam earlier this year. With an approximate six-week transit, the heavy-lift ship should arrive in Cam Ranh Bay in late-February 2015.